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(NEW 1oz Size) Uber Goop DARK GREY Dishwasher Rack Coating/Glue W/50 Caps

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Product Code: 113694531

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The new 1oz size of Uber Goop with 50 tine caps. Now you get twice the Uber Goop, 100% more, but not twice the price. This is for folks who have bigger DW rack repairs to do or they just want to have a some left over in case. Tens and tens of thousands of people just like you have successfully used Uber Goop liquid PVC to coat their damaged dishwasher racks waterproofing them and preventing further deterioration. Plastic tine caps and Uber Goop also repair damaged rack tines and protect new racks. Vinyl tine caps have the added benefit of protecting dishes from rust stains and chipping. With proper prep, Uber Goop helps extend the life of your dishwasher racks saving you the cost of buying new ones at $60-$100 each. Uber Goop liquid pvc comes in 5 colors (White, lt. blue, lt. grey, dark grey and black) so customers can match it to the color of their dishwasher racks. Easy paint on application and dries fast. FYI: Uber Goop can be used to coat any wire product (except electrical wiring or sheet metal) where repairs are needed or it needs protecting from the elements. People use it on coated chain link fences too. Features: Bottle is the NEW LARGE 1 oz. size for those who want MORE! Repairs and/or protects the racks w/proper prep. FLAT $3. 25 SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS EVEN IF YOU GET MORE THAN ONE. Helps prevent chipping or scratching of china Coats damaged dishwasher racks preventing further deterioration Item Dimensions: 1. 33" L x 1. 33" W x 3. 12" H.

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