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100 Goods Silicone Chinese Chess In Qin Script Drink Coasters , 90x90x3mm, Set Of 8 Green Team

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Xiangqi also called Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China. Besides China and areas with significant ethnic Chinese communities, xiangqi is also a popular pastime in Vietnam. Seal script is an ancient style of Chinese calligraphy. It evolved organically out of the Zhou dynasty script, arising in the Warring State of Qin. The Qin variant of seal script became the standard and was adopted as the formal script for all of China in the Qin dynasty, and was still widely used for decorative engraving and seals (name chops, or signets) in the Han dynasty. The literal translation of its Chinese name is decorative engraving script, because by the time this name was coined in the Han dynasty, its role had been reduced to ceremonial inscriptions rather than as a standardized script. Silicones are inert, synthetic compounds with a variety of forms and uses. Typically heat-resistant and rubber-like, they are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications, cooking utensils, and insulation. Model # 642968121573V Features: Set of 8 Silicone Drink Coasters, in the shape of tradition (Green side) Chinese Chess Xiangqi in ancient Qin Script. Translation to English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian is provided at the back. Eco-friendly and Dishwasher Safe. They can be used as home decor, spoon rest, barware set, bartender supplies or Table pad. Stay put and work well. IDEAL GIFT - a Cool Housewarming, Birthday Gift for Mother, Father, him, her, man, woman. Conversation starter for party, entertaining or wedding registry. It makes the product very stable, not easy deteriorate nor discolor. It can withstand harsh weather and very suitable for outdoor usage. They do not damage your table or floor. No problem with nature wood. Work refectly for glass table. These are soft and never leave a mark. Microwave safe, freezer safe, heat resistant and top rack dishwasher safe.

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