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28 Gallons BonsaiJack Inorganic Bonsai Soil Mix 11011 PH 6.7 (6468 Cu In)

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Product Code: 53763061

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All of our screens are made Features: Proprietary mix resulting from 100 plus lab tests. Optimized for pH, water absorption, evaporation, bulk density and particle size. Absorbs a good volume of water and release more than half it over 24 hours. More than 80 percent of the water is released over 48 hours. Bonsai Jack products are ordered by the full truck load, crushed, screened to 1/4 inch, rinsed/washed, insect inspected, dried, PH tested, CEC/cation exchange capacity tested, moisture retention tested, moisture release tested, nematode tested, bagged and shipped to your door. BonsaiJack offers two bonsai soil mixes. Inorganic(11011) and organic(221). Organic(221) is recommended for bonsai trees still in development and/or repotted every 1-4 years. Inorganic(11011) is recommended for finished bonsai trees that are repotted every 4-10 years. 221 organic is the best choice for the vast majority of bonsai.

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