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3/4 Inch Sprockets Nylon Jacquard Webbing Closeout, 50 Yards

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Description: Nylon webbing is a heavy-weight material and is stronger than polypropylene and polyester webbing. This webbing is woven, not stamped or screen printed, therefore the pattern is one-sided. The woven webbing is made up of actual threads interlaced together using a Jacquard needle loom to create astonishing designs in the webbing. Unlike the Jacquard ribbon the backing does not have the exposed threads. It has a solid nylon backing. There is no limit to the possible uses of this soft but sturdy webbing. Please note that the pattern is only on one side. Notes on Use: Nylon webbing can be used in a wide variety of projects, including: (Climbing Harnesses, Slings, and Runners) (Furniture Manufacturing) (Animal Collars and Leads) (Tent and Backpack Straps) (Tie Downs, Cargo Straps, Cargo Nets) (Purse Straps) (Belts, Suspenders, and Back Braces)We recommend you use 3/4 Inch hardware with this nylon webbing. ( D-Rings, Buckle, Triglides etc. ) These hardware items are designed with a specific size of webbing in mind. Please note that some rolls may contain factory splices. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use. Features: 50 Yards Woven pattern, not screen printed One sided pattern Width: 3/4 Inch Thickness: Approximately. 08 Inch or 2. 16mm.

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