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3.5 Inches Tibetan Singing Bowl Silver Plated ,Mantra, Buddha , Bajra Symbol Singing Bowl

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This listing is for a silver plated Tibetan Singing bowl from Nepal. It has designs of buddhist symbols around the bowl and etched design of OM MANI PADME HUM mantra in the bowl and it measures 2 inches deep and 3. 5 inches diameter. This bowl comes with a silk cushion and a wooden mallot. The script is the mantra of Buddha of compassion Chenrezig and it means HAIL TO THE JEWEL IN THE LOTUS. Padma means lotus and Mani means lotus. Singing bowls (also known as Tibetan Prayer Bowls, Himalayan bowls or rin gongs in Japan) are type of musical instrument classified as a standing bell. Rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, standing bells sit with the bottom surfresting. The sides and rim of the bell vibrate to produce sound. Singing bowls were traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Buddhist, Bn and shamanic meditation practice. Today they are used worldwide for meditation, relaxation, healthcare and religious practice. In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation and prayer. Singing bowls are played by striking with a soft mallet to produce a warm bell tone and (in the case of genuine antiques) harmonic overtones. They may also be played by the friction of rubbing a wooden mallet around the rim of the bowl to produce overtones. Please email me with questions. Model # tha-4597 Features: Singing-bowl House is the authentic Handicraft Manufacturer, Wholeseller and retailer of Handicraft from Nepal Beautifully hand crafted singing bowl from Nepal silver plated with Mantra, budhha, dhorje and symbols, Daimeter :3. 5" and 2" deep Handmade in Nepal by experienced craftsman Comes with free wooden Malletand Silk cushion as shown in the Picture.

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