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4 Color Set Glow In The Dark Paint Luminous Glowing 2oz (8oz)

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These are 4 2oz bottles of high grade Glow in the Dark Acrylic water based paint; 1 per color: AQUA, GREEN, BLUE, & LILAC. GID paint JUST glows. It NEEDS charging to keep it glowing. UV is its main source of charge. We use UV Black lights to help charge the paints in some cases. When GDP pigment is mixed with a medium it creates paint which can not only hold the crystals in suspension but also allow the crystals to charge. The medium is WHITE in color & when fully dry the crystals in the medium can CHARGE and be seen. Colors play a major part on GID products GLOW TIMES. The downside of GID Colored Pigments is that the color does NOT last as long as the glow. Once the crystal is FULLY charged the crystal will glow a COLOR. Since they cant hold the same charge continuously, the color fades to a white-off white after awhile & then will continue to glow until it runs out of charge. GREEN GID Pigment is the most natural color in the GID range. It has the LONGEST lasting color & glow time. Some companies promote 8+hrs glow time. The COLOR actually lasts about 30min to a couple of hours, fades to white, & then slowly fades down over the next few hours. This is Glow in the Dark; this applies to ALL COLORS. AQUA holds its color for about 1-2hrs, & its white glow time is about 6hrs. BLUE is also a strong color. Average glow time down to 0 is about 4-6hrs. LILAC is the HARDEST color to CHARGE. To get a true purple we mix a number of crystal variants (some say this is filler, but its NOT). The more pigment you use the stronger the color. When Lilac is fully charged, look closely & youll see speckles. Average glow time to 0 is about 3-5hrs. This color is classed as a medium glow & needs a strong UV to charge. Please note that you CANNOT mix the colors to create another color. Unlike normal paints which leach & mix, these are CRYSTALS and do not mix. ALL PHOTOS/IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF GLOMANIA & PROGLOW USA Features: Daytime "Invisible" Paint that Glows in the Dark Glows Bright in the Dark Four 2oz pots of Acrylic Paint: Aqua, Lilac, Green, Blue Used for highlighting, Star Ceilings, Safety Marking in the House Non Toxic, Flame Retardant, Dries Waterproof

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