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EMG 707 7 String Active Guitar Pickup Black

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Product Code: 1663177

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The EMG 707 has been leading the pack of 7-string guitar pickups since its debut in 2001. Before this model was introduced, existing 7-string pickups sounded muddy and dull on the low B string, especially when trying to hit artificial and natural harmonics, but the 707 eliminated all those problems. Whether you are ringing out Opeth-style jazzy chords or playing palm muted death chugs, even with the amp set to kill, these pickups will articulate every note, harmonic and squeal you ask of them. Used equally in bridge and neck positions, these pickups will forever change how you hear and play your 7-string. Model # 707 Features: The pickup is housed in EMGs 35 Extended bass housing, so its not a direct replacement for a humbucking pickup. The 707 is a dual coil pickup with Alnico Poles similar to the 85 Item Dimensions: 2. 63" L x 2. 38" W x 6" H.

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