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Japanese Style Tetsubin Brown Metallic Teapot Trivet & Cup Set

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The Japanese have been using Tetsubin teapots for centuries to brew tea, heat water & provide comfort and warmth. The design of the teapot reflected the status of the owner and was, and still is, considered a work of art. Each Cast Iron Tetsubin teapot is hand-cast, as well as hand-finished, and fitted with a removable stainless steel mesh infuser basket. The interior of each pot is lined with porcelain enamel to prevent rusting and requires very little care. These are not tea kettles but are tea brewing vessels. Heat your water in a separate vessel and then pour into the tetsubin. These should not be placed directly on the stove top burner. Hand wash. Teapot- 20 ounces; Tetsubin Cups - 2 ounces Features: Four Tetsubin Cups Cast iron pot lined with enamel to prevent rusting Included free is a removable stainless steel infuser.

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