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Quick Link Long Stainless 7 Mm

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Product Code: 7744064

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Peguetmade Maillon Rapide steel quick links. Each unit is individually packaged. Features: 10mmSTD ZICRAL Weight 49 grams Strength; 8mmSTDSS Weight 79 grams Strength; 7mmLNGSS Weight 62 grams Strength; 10mmSTDSS Weight 141 grams Strength; 7mmSTDSS Weight 52 grams Strength; 8mm STD PLT Weight 77 grams Strength; 8mmLNG PLT Weight 91 grams Strength; Maillon Rapide Steel Quick Links; 9mm STD PLT Weight 103 grams Strength; Quick Link Long Stainless 7Mm 10mmLNG PLT Weight 157 grams Strength 7mmLNG PLT Weight 60 grams Strength 9/32" Unit Pack 10mm STD PLT Weight 137 grams Strength

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