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One PistachiOpener (1) Pistachio Nut Opener With Just A Pinch They POP.

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Inspiration struck while on holiday vacation after receiving a gift of gourmet pistachio nuts. Created by a Seattle dentist and inventor, the PistachiOpener rests comfortably in your hand while youre snacking, ready to open them all with a crack big or small. Dr. Jessens Ode to the Pistachio Youll open with a smile every cracked one in the pile. Its so easy squeezy, with just a pinch they pop. The PistachiOpener will split em all non-stop. Pick it up when you start on the pile and dont put it down til youre done. Youll have no more sore fingers, no broken nails, and besides that, using its fun. So you better buy a spare cause you wont want to share it when you and a friend are going nuts over pistachios! Model # JJ001 Features: The PistachiOpener is an elegantly simple device that uses a unique "splitting wedge" to instantly open every pistachio that has even the slightest crack in the shell. So quick and easy to use, it makes pistachios disappear! Manufactured in Seattle, WA, USA. Solid stainless steel construction and dishwasher safe. Two PistachiOpeners, better to buy a spare cause you wont want to share! Save on shipping.

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