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Piano Party Book A-D (4 Book Set WP270 WP271 WP272 WP273)

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Piano Partyis the core book at all four levels of the Bastiens Invitation to Music Series (A, B, C, D); new concepts are introduced in the Piano Partybooks. Along with Piano Party, the companion books, Theory & Ear Training Partyand Performance Party, provide the formula for a well-balanced music education. Colorful illustrations in all the books are used to reinforce concepts and styles, to maintain interest, and to motivate.Instrumentation: PianoBook Aintroduces the music alphabet, high & low (up & down -- right & left) concepts, finger numbers, white key names, and counting (quarter, two eighths, half, dotted half, and hwole notes). Playing black key clusters establishes good hand positions. The book concludes with Middle C pieces in pre-staff notation.10-digit ISBN Number: 0849795508Book B continues with a variety of pieces in pre-staff notation. Steps and skips, crossing-hands-arpeggios and I chords in C, G, F, the two-note V7 chord, and counting rhythms (three eighths, single eighths, and dotted quarters). The staff is introduced by identifying and writing skips.10-digit ISBN Number: 0849795532Book Cpresents pieces written on the grand staff with an emphasis on reading steps and skips before intervals of 4ths and 5ths are introduced. Slurs, ties, forte, piano, and 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 concepts are mastered. Students read from bass clef low F to treble clef high G in the positions of C, G, F (Group 1), and Middle C position.10-digit ISBN Number: 0849795567Book Dexpands reading to positions in D, A, E (Group 2); D-flat, A-flat, E-flat (Group 3); and G-flat, B-flat, and B (Group 4). Flats and sharps, more dynamic markings, and key signatures are presented. As in Book C, students are asked to write the counts in every piece indicated by the pencil icon.10-digit ISBN Number: 0849795591 Features: 4 book set kjos wp270 wp271 wp272 wp273 piano music instruction

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