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Powseed 24W Regulated 5V-15V Multi-Voltage With 5V USB Port Power Supply Replacement Charger Adapter For LED Strips Router HUB HDMI SWITCHER Speaker Micro USB Smart Phone Tablets

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Powseed 24W 5-15V Power Adapter for Most Home Electronics With protection of over voltages, over current, short circuits and over temperature, bring much safety! 12 Month Warranty to make sure excellent user experience! Tip Polarity: Inner Positive, Outer Negative Some musical devices and radio devices requires inner Negative outer Positive, totally opposite, please check carefully before buying! Specifications: Input:110-240V Output: 5V, 6V, 7. 5V, 9V, 12V, 13. 5V, 15V; 1. 6a-3. 5a Power: Max 24W Tip Polarity: Inner Positive (+), Outer Negative(-) Tip size: Tip1:5. 5x2. 5mm Tip2: 5. 5x2. 1mm Tip3: 4. 0x1. 7mm Tip4: 3. 5x1. 35mm Tip5: 2. 35x0. 75mm Tip6: 3. 0*1. 0mm Tip7: Micro USB connector Compatible with: 1. Tip1 to Tip6: Many small household electronics, like routers, CCTV cameras, Speakers, LEDs, Tablets etc. 2. Micro USB port are used to power smart phones, tablets, BT speakers and other USB charging devices Features: Powseed 24W replacement power adapter with multi voltage output and 5V USB Power port. Desktop design. Fitting for lots of small electronic devices. E. g. LED fixture, Raspbery PI, Linksys EA3500 router, Neon wall clocks, LED wall displays, IR lights, base DJ led strips, Night Owl surveillance system, Buffalo external backup drive, Rosewill external hard-drive enclosure,Denon Ipod dock, BBQ Guru Input:110-240V, Output: 5V, 6V, 7. 5V, 9V, 12V, 13. 5V, 15V, Max 24W. DC Plugs Dimension: 5. 5x2. 5mm, 5. 5x2. 1mm, 4. 0x1. 7mm, 3. 5x1. 35mm, 2. 35x0. 75mm, 3. 0*1. 0mm, Micro USB. Extra USB port, it will give much convenience to power most smart phones and tablets at the same time. The choosing plugs are very commonly used in daily life, meet your power needs for lots of small digital devices at home. With these plugs and different voltage output, you can save a lot of buying different voltage ac adapters [IMPORTANT] DC Plug Polarity: Central Positive(+), outer Negative(-). Polarity could not be reversed. Some musical device requires inner Negative and outer positive (absolutely opposite), please check carefully before buying. It is important to choose the right voltage before powering your device Package include: 1 x 24W Multi Voltage Ac Adapter, 7 x Plugs, 1 x Iron Sheet.

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