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SUNVP Rechargeable Bike Light Mountain Road Safety Bike Usb Rechargeable Bike Headlights

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1. Light source : CREE XPE 3 w leds (300 lumens) 2. Material : PC + ABS lamp shell lampshade; 3. Function : highlight - low light - flashing - close; 4. Cell : with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery (800 mah, 3.7 V); 5. weight: net weight: 40 g, gross weight: 70 g; 6. Dimension :Length: 65 mm, Width: 28mm, High: 23; 7. Application : handlebar diameter: 20-40 Feature: Using the latest high-power highlight CREE 3W LED (about 300 lumens) as the light source, deserve to go up again in front of the transparent + side frosted acrylic lampshade, enhanced light, brightness LED lights more than 5 times than the ordinary Adopts v-shaped plating reflective cup, forming the dispersive spots, light irradiation distance range, 30-50 meters at night, quanta passive visual Angle 220 , sufficient to ensure the safety of your cycling; Due to the reflective glass on both sides of the openings, light can leak out from the side, lit up the crystal head, really is pretty eyes absorption; Adopting expansion rubber cover super waterproof, buttons, USB charging interfusing silica dust cover seal, rainy day ride safe; USB charging, using the worlds most popular now lithium-ion polymer battery (800 mah, 3.7 V), reciprocating can charge and discharge, fast charge and discharge time, generally 3-4 hours charging, discharge time: highlight 3 h, low light 5 h, 12 h and shiny. Quick release design, the whole installation process operation, with his hands without using any tools Hand wrist silica gel belt buckle design, the length is adjustable, apply various thickness handlebar (about 1-4 cm); Professional design can rotate 360 base, irradiation direction freely adjustable, greatly increase the light irradiation range. NOTE: Now Buy One Get One - You will get a bright warning tail light for bike. And if you want to get it, a claim code is required when you checkout. Features: Not a re-purposed flashlight! Light beam designed for biking, not just a round flashlight beam, this gives you a wide field of view and vertical cut off so you dont blind oncoming traffic. Your cars headlights are carefully designed for a wide beam, and so is the Illuminati. Charge the Li-Poly battery using all the USB chargers you already have for phones and devices, or just a computer. Youll be able to charge up nearly anywhere! Its bright! Lumen ratings are notoriously iated and unreliable. For the record, this one is rated 300 Lumens and is brighter than many that falsely claim thousands of lumens. What you really need to know is that its bright enough to not only make you visible to traffic, but to actually light your path so you can see that storm drain or broken glass before youre on top of it. CREE LEDs are the industry standard for quality and performance. 5-Second no-tool installation/removal. No screws to lose. No loose rubber bands or straps that can be dropped. No wires or external battery packs. Super easy to mount/remove on any handlebar 20-40mm diameter . Take it with you and dont worry about it being stolen. Easily switch from bike to bike. Weather proof, compact, side-visibility lights. Weight: net weight: 40 g, gross weight: 70 g; Dimension :Length: 65 mm, Width: 28mm, High: 23; Application : handlebar diameter: 20-40 mm Item Dimensions: 2.56" L x 0.91" W x 1.1" H

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