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Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I In Silver 11A Silver

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Few companies know more about mouthpiece manufacture, design and physics than the Schilke Company. They make a complete line of excellent trumpet mouthpieces that work with any instrument but especially compliment their fine line of outstanding trumpets. Model # 25 11A Features: Cup Diameter (First number in label): cups range from shallow to deep in numeric order from low to high Cup Volume (First letter in label): volume ranges from A to E from small to large - A: Small; B: Medium-Small; C: Medium (Standard); D: Medium-Large; E: Large Rim Contour (Second number in label): rims range from roundest to slightly rounded in numeric order from low to high - 1: Roundest; 2: Simi-Round; 3: Standard; 4: Semi-Flat; 5: Slightly Rounded Backbore (Last letter in label) The knowledge of these concepts and how they work are behind the design of each Schilke mouthpiece to assist the player in selecting the mouthpiece that improves their sound Schilke Mouthpiece Numbering SystemsThe Schilke method of mouthpiece labeling has been designed to assist the student, teacher, amateur and professional in selecting a mouthpiece to meet the needs of the player All mouthpieces come with standard rim shapes, cup volumes, and backbores unless shown otherwise on the mouthpieces Item Dimensions: 3.79" L x 1.5" W x 1.5" H

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