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Zerust 135 In X 70 In Motorcycle Storage Cover With Soft Lining

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Zerust Motorcycle bag inhibits corrosion from forming and spreading on metal surfaces. Zerust Motorcycle bag is easy to use and durable. Zerust Motorcycle bag will provide protection for up to 5 years. Zerust Motorcycle bag protect your valuable motorcycle from corrosion and oxidation. Zerust is a well-known and approved corrosion prevention method which is widely used by metal and automotive industries throughout the world. What is Zerust Zerust is a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor). The patented chemical Zerust formulation emits an invisible, odorless vapor which protects metal surfaces to keep rust and corrosion from forming. The Zerust molecules are incorporated in the Motorcycle bag. Zerust is safe for health and environment. How Zerust Motorcycle bag works The Zerust components present on the surfof the metal suppress corrosion in three ways: 1. They passivate the electron flow between the high and low energy areas on the surfof the metal. 2. They form a layer that prevents moisture and impurities directly contacting the metal. 3. They regulate the PH value of the possible moisture layer on the surfof the metal. How to use Zerust Motorcycle bag 1. Thoroughly clean and dry your vehicle according to the manufacturers recommendations (check owners manual). Your bike should be cooled down to room temperature before sealing it inside the Motorcycle bag. 2. Carefully follow the instructions below, and youll get the best possible protection against rust and corrosion. 3. A Motorcycle that is protected with Zerust Motorcycle bag can even be stored in cool and humid conditions. Post storage period: Store Motorcycle bag inside the hold all as delivered. Store the bag zippers closed. Store the case in a cool, dry plaway from direct sunlight. Your Zerust Motorcycle bag, if handled and used correctly, will provide maximum protection for 5 years from the date of first use. Features: Provides protection for up to 5 years - GUARANTEED! Easy to use and built from tough, durable, weather resistant material Far superior to a motorcycle cover - the ultimate solution for seasonal motorcycle storage. Dont waste your time on a dust cover, purchase a Zerust cover for true rust protection. Protect & preserve your investment. Proven anti-rust and anti-corrossion motorcycle protection. Item Dimensions: 135" L x 70" W x 66" H

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